Pastors & Staff

Louis R. Guadagno

Senior Pastor

Pastor Lou Guadagno is the Senior Pastor here at Old Time Baptist Church. Part of the church since its inception in 1984, he became the Senior Pastor in 2014. Along with Pastoring the people of Old Time and following the vision God has given him for this ministry, he has a great burden for missions and is constantly traveling to both assist and encourage our missionaries in the field.

David Beyea

Assistant Pastor

Pastor David Beyea oversees several important ministries here at Old Time. Having faithfully served the Lord here at Old Time for over 25 years, he serves in our Bus Ministry as our Bus Director and puts countless hours into the behind-the-scene processes that make that ministry possible. He also serves as our Youth Pastor, preaching to and working with the teenagers of Old Time Baptist Church.

Jon Bitner

Assistant Pastor

Pastor Jon Bitner is the Sunday School Superintendent of Old Time Baptist Church. He also oversees the operation and  organization of the Old Time Baptist Church Homeschool Co-Op. He works with tutors and students alike to ensure that we are able to provide a first-class learning experience each day the Co-Op is in operation. He also oversees the care of the building and grounds at Old Time.

Jon Winstead

Assistant Pastor

Pastor Jon Winstead is the Office Manager and Treasurer of Old Time Baptist Church. He and his wife moved to NY and joined Old Time in 2013 and now he works with much of the behind-the-scenes planning that goes into our various events and ministries. He also functions as the Music Director for Old Time and also does our graphic design and video work.
Though these four men are our pastors, we have many more wonderful people who voluntarily dedicate much time and energy to help the ministries of Old Time Baptist Church function as they do. We do not overlook their hard work and giving spirit and we thank the Lord for bringing them here!